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Angel Calendar 2018

2018 Calendar -- a page with prayers in English, Spanish, Italian, French for each month.

Price: $24.95

Each month's prayer or meditation plus the name of the angel is in 4 languages -- English, Spanish, Italian, French.

The is what Vidadf has to say about it (BTW, he liked it when he opened it.):

“The only calendar that is a flip book that gives you a roto-scoped Angel. No other 2018 calendar gives you that.” -- Vidadf Flowers

“There’s something cool about the sameness of it all. That’s kind of the message, isn’t it.” -- Vidadf Flowers

I'm also attaching 4 additional jpgs from 4 of the months to give people an idea of what he's talking about.

One can use the meditation and / or even the name of the angel during the month holding it in one's awareness as an exercise and see what bubbles up.

Bottom line: There's a very limited quantity available. You don't want to miss this.